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Who Is John X?

John X is a male porn star known for his strong, beefy and hairy physique; his uninhibited sexual nature; and his energetic, passionate and sensual performances. He began physique modeling in the late 1990's and began to star in male masturbation videos in the early 2000's. Since 2006, he has been directing and starring in straight sex videos that feature explicit sex acts performed with uninhibited passion, energy and sensuality. John X radiates sexuality that seems to appeal to all genders and sexual orientations.

John X As Described By His Fans:

To John X:

I am a big fan of yours and your work.

Only very few manage to transcend niches and please such a wide audience. With your talent and skill you seduce and enthrall women and men (gay or straight). Your performances and films elevate porn to a completely higher level.

As all the good art: nothing so simple, cosy and raw looked so right and moving.

Thank you.


"John X is ABSOLUTELY the best looking, best shaped, most lasciviously exhibitionistic, most natural, most sexually male masturbation showman I have ever seen and now the only one I want to see. I just can't get enough full-body video views of him stroking his magnificent hardon and handpumping his own chest hair lotion in high-powered multiple spurts onto the lush fur enhancing his perfect manly pecs as he looks right at us with his cum-on eyes and sexually handsome face, so pleased to know how much salacious pleasure his jacking off is giving to ours. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PEAK STROKING PLEASURE AND ERUPTIVE ORGASMS YOU PROVIDE FOR ME. MORE, MORE, MORE NAKED JOHN X JACKING OFF!!! KEEP HIM CUMMING!!!! And keep ME cumming back for more!"

~Chuck (Les Jakov)



I'm quickly becoming your biggest fan. You are so sexy and sensual and masculine. Your strong body and hairy chest and perfect cock are from my wettest dreams. I love your bubble butt and how you love to give and receive anal pleasuring. I'll bang and lick your hairy ass anytime stud. You are my fantasy man!

Just know that you can have me any way you want me and any time. Wink



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