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Johns Nude Workout Video

Johns Nude Workout Video Front DVD Cover Johns Nude Workout Video Back DVD Cover
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Scene Description For:
Johns Nude Workout Video

Running Time: 60 Minutes
Starring: John X

Have you ever wanted to watch a muscular and athletic man workout in the nude?

This video features John X working out in a commercial gym in the nude! He stretches, lifts weights, poses and showers in the buff just for you! The video is sexy, artistic, and inspiring. It will make YOU sweat!!

In the first scene, John X (a nude man) stretches his strong back, muscular legs and bubble butt. He bends over so we can get a good look at his sexy male ass!

In The next scene, John X does leg presses in this commercial gym in the nude! His hairy muscular legs bulge as he presses the weight! He also flexes his muscular body for us in this scene.

The next scene features John X doing leg extensions in the nude! His thick muscular legs flex as he sweats for you!

The next scene features John X doing leg curls naked! His round muscular buns look so delicious in this scene!

The next scene features John X exercising with the adductor machine. See his beautiful cock and balls hang as this exhibitionist exercises in the nude for your viewing pleasure!

The next scene features John X doing standing calf presses. His muscular legs and tight ass look sooo hot in this scene! He also poses a little showing his hot hairy and muscular body just for us.

The next scene features John X stretching his muscular arms and muscular hairy chest! If you like muscular hairy chested men, John X delivers the goods!

The next scene features John X exercising that hot muscular hairy chest by doing dumbbell bench presses. He also gives you a nice view of his cock and balls and flexes his muscles more for us! Don't you just love hairy bodybuilders!

John X does some incline bench presses in the next scene to work that muscular hairy chest even more. You'll be glad that he is such and exhibitionist.

The next scene features John X exercising his muscular arms with tricep push-downs. He's such a fine hairy muscular man!

Then John X does some pull-ups for us! In the first set he faces us so we can get a good look at his cock and balls. Then he does another set so we can check out that beautiful muscular ass of his!

The next scene features John X doing some dumbbell rows for us! He gives us another good look at his dick and balls and we get a good look at that perfect hairy ass of his again!

Then John X exercises those muscular arms more by doing curls! See those biceps bulge from every angle! You gotta love nude muscular men!

The next scene features John X oiling up his hot body and flexing his muscles for us!! His masculine muscular male body is a real treat for the eyes of those of us who love hairy muscular men.

The next scene is the shower scene for all of you who like to see sexy men showering. Watch him lather up his hot cock, tight butt, muscular arms and hairy chest just for you to enjoy. There's nothing like a muscular male exhibitionist. (-:

This video has finally given us a chance to experience seeing a hot muscular man working out in a commercial gym. Watching those hard muscles flexing to move weight is as much a turn-on as motivational. What will it motivate you to do? Well...let's just say one way or another it will make YOU sweat! (-:

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