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YOUR Intimate Evening With Beefy Bear John X POV

YOUR Intimate Evening With Beefy Bear John X POV Front DVD Cover YOUR Intimate Evening With Beefy Bear John X POV Back DVD Cover
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Scene Description For:
YOUR Intimate Evening With Beefy Bear John X POV

Running Time: 96 Minutes
Starring: John X

The female fans of John X requested that he produce a solo video shot from the female point of view (POV) to give the viewer the experience of an intimate sensual and sexual evening with him. John X has made a big splash in straight porn with his uninhibited sexual nature, his sexual and sensual skills, his passionate performances, and his strong handsome masculine bear look. Even those who were not into man-sized teddy bears before have become enthralled with John X because of how tender, affectionate, passionate, and sensual he is with the women in his videos. And in this video, YOU are the one he makes love to!

This video includes sexy foreplay, hot sensual orgasmic sex, and ends with intimate pillow talk. Beefy bear John X talks to you, teases you, touches you, licks you, fucks you, gives you multiple orgasms, and then cuddles with you and comforts you as you drift off to sleep in his strong arms. Treat yourself to an amazing evening with John X. You deserve to be pleasured like this!

John X is waiting in the living room dressed in a nice shirt and tie and slacks ready to take you out for the evening. You enter the living room wearing your sexy new dress that hugs your luscious curves perfectly. When John X sees how sexy you look, his eyes open wide and his jaw drops and he can hardly contain himself. He has you strut around and spin like a model so he can look at you from every sexy angle. You totally do it for John normally, so this sexy dress you're wearing just has him drooling! He finally concludes that he just can't take you out with you looking so sexy. All of the guys would be distracted by how sexy you look and all of their wives would be jealous that you're giving their husbands erections. John X can't help himself and starts fondling your breasts and your butt and even touches your wet pussy (You didn't wear underwear! You're so naughty!).

You want you're stud to give you a show now. The sexy man takes off his tie and starts unbuttoning his nice shirt exposing his furry chest. He's such a sexy bear! He poses for you showing you more of his hairy chest and hairy tummy. He takes off his shirt so you can see his big strong arms that you love to be held in so much. Your beefy bear stud slides out of his nice slacks to show you his thick powerful legs. His bubble butt is covered by gray briefs that hug his manly glutes and you can see just how hot you have made him! Your stud wants to get naked with you now!

You're now lying naked on your back on the living room floor and your sexy man-sized teddy bear is giving you sensual kisses and touch on your tummy and chest. Your man tells you how much he loves your beautiful breasts and soft skin as he licks, kisses, and fondles you. You're getting so wet with your stud teasing you so wonderfully. He slowly works his way from your beautiful breasts, down to your tummy, and to your inner thighs with sensual licks and kisses that it is driving you wild!

Your sexy stud then blows gently on your soaking wet pussy and you can feel such wonderful cool sensation and you want him to eat your pussy so bad now. Your sexy man gently licks your pussy and it feels amazing! He looks up and tells you that your pussy tastes so sweet! Your beefy bear loves eating your pussy and is so good at it. It feels so good as he licks and sucks your clit and touches you sensually and plays with your nipples and you start to moan so sweetly. Your sexy stud even licks your butthole and starts using his fingers in your pussy to stimulate your g-spot.

John X is so tender with you that you trust him to give you anal stimulation and he knows just how to do it to make you feel so good. He gets his finger all soaked with your pussy juice and very slowly and gently slides it in your asshole as he licks your pussy. This feels so good and you begin to moan louder. John X just loves to make you cum and he knows just how to give you orgasms. He works his fingers and tongue hard and fast and tells you how sexy you are as you launch into a nice orgasm! John X knows just how to touch you and talk to you to make that orgasm last and bring you down nice and gently.

You want to have John X deep inside of you now and he wants it too! You mount his perfect cock cowgirl style and your sexy bear moans as he enters your tight, wet pussy. It feels so good that you just want to ride him hard, but he tells you to ride him really slow at first feeling his cock deep inside and squeezing it. This grinding sex feels so good to both of you. His curved cock rubs tour g-spot so nice and you just want it in your pussy all the time. John tells you to ride a little faster and the stimulation intensity builds and the moans get louder. Your sexy stud tells you to ride him faster and faster and the feeling is incredible and the sound is loud and you are blasted into another amazing powerful orgasm! Your beefy bear stud loves to make you cum!

Your little pussy needs a break after two big orgasms, so you decide to give your man some head. John X just loves how you work his cock with your lips and tongue. You have so much fun making him moan the way he makes you moan when he give you head. You love wrapping your lips around his perfect cock. It feels so good to have him inside of you!

Your oral skills drive John X wild and now he wants to fuck you some more! You lay on your back so your stud can fuck you in the missionary position. You both love looking into each others eyes when you fuck. John X slides his beautiful cock deep inside of you and it feels so good! The sexy stud begins to slide in and out slowly and you look at his strong body. His chest, arms and shoulders look so strong and powerful as he fucks you so nice!

Your beefy stud rubs his cock on your clit to tease you and then slides it deep inside your wet pussy for some more fucking. John know just how to work you in a frenzy with his cock! Your beefy bear thrusts deep into you with some different speeds and variations that feel so wonderful and he tells you sweet naughty things that makes it even sexier. Now your man is just pounding your little pussy with deep powerful thrusts rocketing you into another great orgasm!

Your stud wants to lick your pussy some more and you love it. You set up a camera so you can see his tongue action in the reverse angle. It's so fun to see John X masterfully lick your pussy and play with your clit and it feels so good! Your bear stud makes your pussy feel so good with his tongue and then he starts licking your tight little butthole! Oh, that feels so good! He is so nasty and so sweet! You love how he is so uninhibited with you.

Your sexy bear begins to use his fingers on your pussy and asshole some more and it feels so nice. He is so gentle with anal stimulation and slowly and tenderly touches you where you need it and just the way you want it. The combination of anal, clitoral, and vaginal stimulation stud John X is giving you is absolutely incredible! Waves of unique pleasure permeate deep inside you taking you to the brink of orgasm over and over! Your sexy stud wants to take you beyond the brink and slides two fingers into your pussy putting pressure on your g-spot and massaging you deep inside until you explode into a combination g-spot, clitoral, and anal orgasm that is mind-blowing!

Now it's time to fuck some more and from the reverse angle you get to see John's beautiful cock sliding in and out of your pussy! You also get to see that strong hairy bubble butt working to thrust his curved cock deep inside! You love you seeing your beefy stud's sexy buns at work! Your sexy bear knows how to fuck you and you make him feel so good with your sweet little pussy. John X is fucking you hard and he begins to moan and pulls his cock out and shoots multiple waves of hot cum on your pussy as he grunts and moans loudly in pleasure! Your man rubs your sperm soaked pussy with his cock and then slides his cum covered cock deep inside your pussy! It feels so good to have his pulsating cock and his semen deep in your pussy!

John X is so nasty! He starts licking your pussy after he sprayed his semen all over it and inside of it! You love it! He tells you that your pussy tastes so good with his sperm in it! John X is so wonderfully uninhibited. He'll do anything to turn you on! He licks your pussy and ass some more and touches you sensually and kisses you gently before sweetly resting his head on your bosom. You just love how he can go from being so nasty to so sweet and vulnerable.

Your beefy bear loves to do pillow talk and cuddle with you after sex. Tonight was just amazing and it just keeps getting better. John tells you how much he appreciates you and how much he thinks about you. He gives you words of encouragement and support leaving you with a warm-fuzzy feeling. He takes you through a relaxation procedure and his voice soothes you and relieves any anxiety and you begin to feel deeply relaxed and comfortable knowing that he will be holding you in his strong arms tonight. As you drift off to sleep, he tells you that he loves you. You have a restful sleep with pleasant dreams knowing that you are in his arms and that you are loved.

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