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A Bio for the Sexy Male Porn Star Beefy Bear Stud John X of NiceBod Videos

John X has made a big splash in straight porn with his uninhibited sexual nature, his sexual and sensual skills, his passionate performances, and his strong handsome masculine bear look. John X radiates sexuality that seems to appeal to all genders and sexual orientations. Here is how this phenomenon happened and what the future may hold:

Some Background

John X was born at a very young age on August 22, 1969 in Omaha, Nebraska. He began exercising for wrestling at age 6. In high school, he lifted on the powerlifting team. He continued to shape his body like a bodybuilder after graduating from high school and at age 28 did his first physique model shoot. He posted some of the photos on the internet (what an exhibitionist) and proceeded to get more modeling offers as well as offers for sex from women and men.

John X was a late bloomer and did not lose his virginity until he was 29! He quickly made up for his late start into sexual activity and met with women, couples, and men for sex and explored his bisexuality. He found that he was more attracted to women, but also enjoyed sex with men. John X identifies as a "2" on the Kinsey Scale. John X had always been interested in expressing himself sexually and was interested in making adult videos, websites and having erotic photos taken of himself.

1999-2005: Just Getting Started

John X started to shoot video in the early winter of 1999. John X was just followed around a house with a camcorder naked and flexed and posed. He also did a few masturbation scenes. Some of this video can be seen on John's Sexy Video! which was also produced by John X and was released in 2002. John X was selling these videos over the internet through his successful website

In the winter of 2002, John X shot his second video John's Nude Workout Video!. He rented a commercial gym to shoot video of himself lifting weights and showering afterwards. John wanted to make this video very artistic, erotic, and inspiring and one that women and men would enjoy watching. It was released in 2003 under the studio name Video.

In the fall of 2003, John X shot his third video John's Nasty Video!. John X wanted to make an advanced male masturbation video that was on the nasty side primarily for his male fans. It was released in 2004 to the delight of his male fans. This was about the time that John X's videos began to get manufactured and distributed by AMVC, a company specializing in the manufacturing and internet sales of amateur adult videos.

John X released his fourth video John's Muscle Bear Video! in 2004 as well. John X, a muscular man let his body hair (nice hairy chest) and facial hair grow and made a solo video that sold very well and was well loved by his male fans. It was the number 4 best selling gay video in August 2004 at AMVC.

In the fall of 2004, John X went to Las Vegas to shoot his fifth video John X Cums To Vegas! with another producer of amateur male videos. With John X not as concerned with the technical details of the video taping process, he was able to deliver some great solo work. John X Cums To Vegas! was released in 2005. This video even contains a cantaloupe fucking scene! This video has also been popular with the male fans of John X. John X returned with a great muscle bear look. Unfortunately, John X Cums To Vegas was discontinued in March 2011 because of a change in an agreement between John X and the fellow who directed this video.

John X appeared in Playgirl Magazine August 2005 issue and was featured in the Real Men Exposed section.

2006: A Breakthrough Year

John X released an anal exam video early in 2006 for his fans who wanted to see deep inside him.

John X had a breakthrough year in 2006, releasing a total of 10 videos including the first 3 straight sex videos that he starred in (and he also directed them). The straight sex videos were very passionate, affectionate, sensual, and playful, but also had very explicit sex action. His sex videos appeal to couples, women and men who enjoy seeing hardcore sex depicted with such a beautiful loving quality. His uninhibited sexual performances combined with his sexual and sensual prowess leave his fans and costars in a blissful afterglow every time.

John X returned with a beefier, even more masculine look in 2006 and was well received by his many female and male fans.

2007: Prolific Production And Unprecedented Growth

The momentum of 2006 was carried into 2007 with the release of 17 straight sex videos produced by John X (8 of which he also starred in). Among the releases are 2 very successful series: Passionate Anal Pleasuring and Passionate Pregnant Sex.

Passionate Anal Pleasuring ventures into taboo anal pleasuring for both the woman and the man. This series features extensive explicit anilingus and anal probing for both the male and female performer and is depicted with great sensuality and lustful curiosity.

The Passionate Pregnant Sex series features a real pregnant couple having hot passionate sex in their sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth months. This series portrays pregnant women as beautiful and sexy and interested in intimate sensual sex during pregnancy.

The Strap On Couple series has become a great success for John X and NiceBod Videos. John X believes that men should be willing to take what they dish out sexually with their women and he takes a big strap on in his ass and mouth to prove it to the delight of his costars and his female and male fans.

2008: The Great Recession Begins

2008 brought a significant economic recession to the world and most of the adult industry, but John X and NiceBod Videos were still going strong and growing in popularity. John X starred in six new straight sex videos and produced a total of 12 new videos for NiceBod Videos.

John X returned with facial hair - a full beard in three videos and a goatee in the other three. The new title Strap On Couple: Redhead Coed Bangs A Beefy Bear With John X And Dazri features an incredible sexual and sensual performance by John X and the chemistry between John X and his female costar Dazri and should not be missed.

2009: Adapting To The Great Recession

In 2009, the world-wide economic recession continued to plague nearly every industry. John X used this as an opportunity to evaluate marketing strategy and think about the direction he wants to go in the future as an adult video performer, director, producer, and business owner. John X is still very interested in making new productions (especially mmf bisexual productions), but the economic conditions have made this a bad time to do new production of sex videos. It is a good time to do produce new solo videos, and John X produced a mind-blowing POV style video based on the fantasies of his loyal gay and bisexual fans called Beefy Bear John X: Cock Teasing Cum Sucking Anal Breeding Pig Sex POV Fantasy Solo that seems to responsible for some of the biggest and most intense ball draining orgasms ever experienced. It's just filthy - in the best sense.

John X has focused attention on making his websites more useful and it has resulted in record amounts of visitors to his sites. John X built new websites to give adult video consumers many options to enjoy the videos he produces. allows consumers to purchase file downloads in the mp4, wmv, 3gp file formats and the option to download a file to burn a DVD so consumers can enjoy his videos in full quality on their television without waiting for shipping or paying for shipping. allows consumers unlimited streaming video access to all the videos in the NiceBod Videos catalog for as little as $4.95. John X also has made all of the videos he stars in available with unlimited streaming access for FREE with SexKey. John X understands that things are tough for a lot of people and that some erotic pleasure might help his fans out.

2010: Trudging Along In Hard Times

In 2010, economic hardship continued to bear down on many businesses and working class people in spite of the recession technically ending. Even John X's company, NiceBod Videos, saw a notable decline in sales in spite of record traffic to (and other sites) and ever increasing interest in John X. John X went to work to make it so all NiceBod Videos products can be purchased without a credit card to help people who had to close or otherwise lost their credit cards accounts in the recession and to give all his customers more options.

John X released three new solo videos in 2010 including:
  1. Beefy Bear John X: Muscle Pumping Jockstrap Modeling Cock Stroking Shower Lathering Solo - John X works out wearing a jockstrap, flexes poses, masturbates, and showers as requested by his fans who wanted something a little less hardcore the the previous video release.
  2. YOUR Intimate Evening With Beefy Bear John X POV - This groundbreaking POV (Point Of View) was requested by the female fans of John X and may be the first male-focused POV to be shot from the female point of view. There are also many men who really enjoy this video.
  3. Beefy Bear John X: Nasty Anal Games - An anal play themed and cum play themed production for the John X fans who love to see him get nasty!
John X was featured in ALL BEAR Magazine in the December 2010 issue (Issue 6). John X is featured in an interview with exclusive photos and ALL BEAR also reviewed the Beefy Bear John X: Cock Teasing Cum Sucking Anal Breeding Pig Sex POV Fantasy Solo DVD.

2011: Troubling Paradigm Shift

There were a record number of visitors who visited in 2011. There were 41,756 unique visitors who visited in 2011 surpassing the previous record of 33,485 in 2010. In spite of John X being more popular than ever, sales continued to decline in 2011.

John X released two new solo videos in 2011 including:
  1. Daddy Bear John X Body Hair Fetish 1: Hairy Chest, Armpits & Fuzzy Face - The first of a series for people who are into hirsute men. This installment focuses on John's sexy furry chest, hairy belly, armpits, face, arms and hands.
  2. Daddy Bear John X Body Hair Fetish 2: Furry Butt, Hairy Balls, Legs & Back - The second in a series for people who are into hirsute men. This installment focuses on John's sexy furry butt and hairy butthole, hairy balls, hairy legs and feet, pubic hair, and his hairy back and neck.
Pirating became a major problem in 2011, particularly with these two new video products. In fact, for every 1 legal sale, there were at least 343 illegal downloads! John X wrote about how furious he was about this on his Tumblr blog. There was a paradigm shift in 2011: The vast majority of John X "fans" are stealing from him now rather than making purchases. As a result there is no longer an incentive nor funds to produce new videos with the current business model because of the pernicious copyright infringing behavior exhibited by his "fans" and society in general. John X spent time thinking about a business model that might work better for the new reality in the world. While doing so, he did freelance work doing computer repair, math and science tutoring, handyman work, and commercial property surveys and inspections to make ends meet.

2012: The Final Chapter?

January 2012 started out breaking the record for website visitors a There were 5,648 unique visitors recorded in the website statistics package which surpassed the previous record of 4,428 set in December of 2011. In spite of John X's largest and increasing following, sales have continued to decline. John X is spending as much as two hours a week dealing with people and companies engaged in criminal copyright infringement of his video products. Sales have declined so much, that now John X's primary source of income is from tutoring math and science and other freelance work outside the adult industry.

Since pirating is so bad, John X concluded that the only reasonable way to continue in this business was to get new productions funded in advance with enough padding to ensure that a reasonable profit could be realized. His analysis of this business model and intuition conveyed that the chances of getting his fans to fund a production in advance was very low (due to most of them behaving like thieves), but there was a chance that he was being cynical and that his fans might pleasantly surprise him and fund a new production and open the door for a new business model and put him in a position to make even more sex videos in the future. It was worth a shot.

On March 15, 2012, John X announced "The John X Film Project" - a Kick Starter funding campaign to find backers "to fund the production and post-production work for a short film that is an erotic drama about a couple who invite a man to join them to fulfill a sexual fantasy, but this unexpectedly evolves into a bisexual encounter that changes their lives." The John X Film Project was set to launch on April 18, 2012 and continue until May 17, 2012. John X talked the project up, provided information, and got input from people in the time between the announcement and the launch of the funding campaign.

The John X Film Project was launched on April 17, 2012 and received a very soft response, but John X kept showing a positive demeanor. On May 3, 2012, John X posted a progress report on his Tumblr blog after a full week with no new pledges and less than $1000 of the $11,200 goal was raised. John X then made it clear that if this project was not funded, that "I cannot make new videos for you and I expect that will effectively leave the adult industry and find something more profitable to do." John X did not want to use this method to motivate people into action, but the more positive approach wasn't working and perhaps if people understood what was at stake, they would be more willing to step up and pledge support. Some folks were not happy with the ultimatum, but in the two weeks it was employed, it was more more effective than the more positive approach applied the first two weeks.

In spite of the effort, The John X Film Project failed to reach its funding goal. On May 18, 2012, John X posted a final report on his Tumblr blog with the data and thanked those who tried to help. Later in the day of May 18, 2012, John X posted a major announcement on his Tumblr blog announcing that as a result of declining sales and the failure of The John X Film Project to get funded, John X and NiceBod Videos no longer have a viable future in the adult video production business. John X then laid out some boundaries to spend less time in parts of the business that have not been shown to make many sales - most notably lowering the priority of communication with "fans" who are not paying customers. John X did say that he would consider private individuals funding new productions, however he expects that in the case that an individual does fund a new production, that production will not be made available to the public since pirating is so extensive and so few people ever BUY porn anymore.

So unless you have lots of money to put down or sales somehow dramatically increase, it appears as though you've seen your last John X video production. The behavior of the "fans" in the last few years demonstrates that this is what they want.

"If you don't support what you like, what you like will go away." - John X

2013: Moving On

John X had new photos featured and an exclusive interview in his own special edition for ALL BEAR Magazine: Get ALL BEAR Special Edition 13 featuring John X here!

John X did a photoshoot for the ALL BEAR project listed above and made a custom throat fetish video for a customer (If you want to fund a custom video, please contact John X). The adult business continues to decline and John X took a job outside the adult industry this year.

The Future

John X will consider private funding for new productions. If you have something on the order of thousands of dollars that you're willing to spend, please contact John X. Otherwise, there will be no new John X productions.

John X expects to start a new business or seek employment outside the adult industry. He will continue to enforce his copyrights. It's never ok to make copies or upload John X videos or image products anywhere.

Thanks to the customers who have supported John X over the years, unfortunately we can't function as a business in this climate. The pernicious nature of our societies culture of copyright infringement is well underway. Brace yourselves!

Other John X Information

John X has an A.S. in Manufacturing Engineering Technology and a B.S. in Physics and 11 credit hours towards an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering! He also was a certified personal fitness trainer and has worked as a computer systems analyst among other things. John X is a talented musician and some of his original music is featured on some of his videos including John's Sexy Video!, John's Nude Workout Video!, and John's Nasty Video!. He also released a music CD under the pseudonym Xavier Xerxes.

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